Rent Bike Throughout India!

We believe that a journey becomes more important when we discover why we are there in the first place. And once we discover the purpose we can make the destination less important and the journey worthwhile by mounting up breathtaking experiences and passionately driving behind the wheels. We’ll help you make your ride as stress-free as possible, so you’re sure to hit the road smiling. Wherever you want to go just choose from the list cars/bikes you need and we’ve got the keys. Enter your destination, pick-up, and drop-off dates. We have the keys for you to experience happiness while you spin stories on roads. Our aim is to provide a hassle-free RIDE ON RENT while catering to our Customer’s individual needs. We’re a small company with big ideas and infinite dreams. So venture outside your comfort zone and experience the magic happening. Surf through our website and download our app to get a better understanding of how things work at RidesOnRent. Just ride with us. Look no further.


Typically, we cannot arrange delivery of rentals cars or bikes. Nevertheless, you might not have to look far as we have many accessible pick-up locations to your comfort. So get suited up and head to our nearest location to pick–up your ride.


Get all your favorite cars and bikes for rent at the lowest price. Pre-book your vehicle for hassle-free service as they are subject to availability.


Free your mind while you drive to adventure. We and our roadside assistance partners are available around the clock making ourselves available when you need us.

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