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They say there’s always a story behind everything. Similarly, I have my own story, how I came up with this wonderful company RIDES ON RENT. So one time I was on a trip to Satara with my friends. We all decided to travel the whole journey by car since one of us had one. We optimistically packed our bags and filled our tank with gas and headed off.

We all were enjoying and having fun. Everyone was having their own fun time and suddenly out of nowhere, the car stopped in the middle of the road. No one knew what happened we even tried to fix it but it didn’t work out. After trying everything there was only one thing left and that was to push the car and start moving. Somehow we reached our destination and that place was so good, we all were so overwhelmed that we forgot all the regrets we had during the journey but the main question in everyone’s mind was HOW ARE WE GONNA COMPLETE OUR TRIP WITHOUT THE CAR? While we were thinking the housekeeping came and gave us a card of some bike rental company and said that we can rent a bike and complete our trip. We all were pretty surprise after knowing that there’s a bike rental company in such a small village. As something is better than nothing we hired a few bikes and completed our trip. While coming back on our way home somewhere in the back of my mind I was thinking if such unexpected places like Satara can have these kinds of firms then why not in Mumbai city. So this is how I started with my own bike rental company RIDES ON RENT

The very next day I shared my idea with my friends and they pretty much liked it. At the same time while we all were discussing a few questions aroused in our mind like how is it helpful for other people? how is it beneficial to me? etc. Since I knew such questions were going to come to me so I was well prepared. I answered them by reminding them what we all faced during our journey and how we solved it, similarly, there would be many people who want to go out for an adventure but don’t have any kind of transport available and that’s how I can help them by renting bikes hassle-free. After all, why to let your dreams go down the drain and how often it has been that people want to own a bike but they couldn’t such people can also rent one of their idol bikes and cherish their dreams.

First, I started with two bikes which I already had, slowly when I started earning some profit, then I bought some more bikes and after that, I thought why don’t I start expending my company all over India. So I started making tie-ups with different vendors in different cities so that people get to experience our service everywhere and at the same time even the vendor will get to earn some profit and the customers can easily pick and drop the bike. Now in today’s date, we have more than one fifty vendors with more than seven hundred and fifty bike and it is increasing day by day.

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