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A thought of “Rider and the bike” makes me feel “I and my love” and the roads, mountains, rivers and the serenity of places where no social interferences, no known faces and the things that go out of the world.

Wouldn’t it be the feeling all riders have while riding the places? Rider, his bike and our India’s geographically diversified places!

What a combination! Mixed with the feeling of pleasure, fear, and exhilaration.

 Ready to ride and explore the Indian places! Get set go….

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LADAKH (Credit Image:

Ladakh:   Ladakh is a union territory of India’s north region embraced with pristine natural beauty that mesmerizes at every nooks and corner. Its lakes, green valleys, snow-capped mountains, monasteries, magnificent landscapes make it a heaven on the earth and another hand this natural beauty comprising of high attitudes with narrow thrilling roads, extreme climate conditions make it a tough riding place that always is a rider’s dream.

Welcome to Ladakh, Hire your beloved and live your dream alive.

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MOUNT ABU (Credit Image:

Mount Abu:    Mount Abu is an “oasis in the desert” as it is in the only hill station of West India’s torrid Rajasthan state. It is a lush green upland in the Aravali range of mountains.

Want you go to rocking adventure for a day! Hire your darling bike and capture the beauty along with idyllic Nakki Lake, marble carved Dilwara temple, Achalgarh Temple & Fort and rocky roads of Highest Aravali peak “Guru Shikhar”.

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UJJAIN (Credit Image:

Ujjain:    When we talk about the spiritual charm, “Heart of India” comes in the first place.

Better understand! I am talking about Madhya Pradesh and the city is Ujjain. The ancient temple city located on the eastern bank of Shipra River. Its holy air makes you feel an eternity of serene; the humming chants of Lord Shiva, the calmness of Shipra River, history of kings make you fully overwhelmed. There is no better way to explore the city than the bike ride!

Hire a bike for a day, Put the medal on the pedal and explore the pristine Mahakaleshwar Jyotirling (Temple of Lord Shiva), legendary king Vikramaditya’s Singhasan Battasi, Maharishi Sandipani Ashram (Lord Krishna’s school), Mangal Nath temple (the only temple of God Mangal in the world), famous Kal-Bhairav temple and Raja Bhartruhari caves.

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DARJEELING ( Credit Image:

Darjeeling:     A-town of east India’s state West Bengal, renowned as “Queen of Himalayas”.

Want to be one with the splendid beauty of nature? So, it is. One of the most beautiful hill stations with colonial-era architecture, spellbound chanting of buddhas,140 years old steam-billowing railway and winsome view of Kanchenjunga snow peaks.

Hire your dashing style… get, set and accelerate to embrace the nature of Darjeeling. Bike riding around panoramic Himalayan hills, sloppy landscapes of tea gardens, Buddhist monasteries, Japanese temple, and zoological parks will magnetize you for a lifetime.

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KODAIKANAL (Credit Image:

Kodaikanal:   “Princess of hill stations” is a hill town in the south Indian state of Tamilnadu, enriched with thrived fauna, splashing waterfalls, astonishing hilltops make Kodaikanal an adventurous package in itself. So, why to wait? Hire a bike and hit the roads of lakes, waterfalls, and temples.

Explore places across India on your dream bike. Download RidesonRent Android App and start riding.


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