Determination of a “PASSIONATE YOUTH”

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The young minds are easily influenced by the media, parents, peers and their environment irrespective whether positively or negatively. This blog will motivate, guide and inform you, of how the youth of today, dreams of touching the sky and beyond and they have turned this dream into a reality.

There are various sectors in which youth can wish to see their name in golden letters but this article solely focuses on the achievements and dreams of youth that want to accomplish something in racing and technology.

For all the girls who are misled into thinking that they cannot ride bikes and race and their duty is to home and education, read further to find out what you can achieve simply if you desire to. Consider the example of the women from Surat who rode on their bikes for 90 days to different countries of Asia and Europe. 

The youth that thinks that without capital there is no business takes into account the CEO of “CoderBunnyz” who started her company when she was only 8 years old. We aren’t the people that dream with their eyes closes rather we can’t close our eyes because we don’t have the time to sleep, we are busy converting our dreams into reality.

When you read the article did you wonder why those people could achieve their dreams whereas there are millions of others who don’t even after working hard and after having the means to work? The answer is simple: Passion and Determination. Nothing can be achieved if you are not passionate about your dream and without a determination to work even when faced failure is hard to find.

Hence the recipe for youth and their achieving dreams are their hard work, determination, and passion.

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