A Place to visit in Ooty.

Ooty is nestled in the blue mountains of Nigiri hills at the elevation of 2,200 Meter. It is home to many beguiling hills station, owing to its high elevation the temperature of this place remains to be cool throughout the year which makes this place more beautiful and charming. The place is encumbered with verdant hills, mystic temples and garden and the heritage of the past events.

Botanical Garden:( Credit Image:https://www.tripadvisor.in/)

Botanical Garden: This beautiful garden of Ooty is the gift endowed by nature. It is spread across the 22 hectares of land. The garden has a collection of more than 20,000 varieties of roses adding to it a huge no of species both exotic and indigenous. The garden contains the primitive fossil fuel which is 20 Million years old.

Doddabetta Peak: (Credit Image:ttps://www.holidayiq.com/ )

Doddabetta Peak: This peak is a prime attraction for tourists covered in ferns and herbs. Here, you can enjoy the majestic hills and misty clouds while trekking. It is a perfect vantage point of Nilgiri hills. After a long trek at the top, you will see a telescope house where you can enjoy the skyline of the Ooty.

Pykara River:( Credit Image:https://www.holidify.com/)

Pykara River: It is the must-watch tourist place in Ooty. You will get to see the majestic waterfall streaming down the curvy mountain. In summer, you can take the pleasure of sunbathing nearby the lake or go for boating. Pykara is famous for Toda people which is very to be found in their natural habitat.

Stone House:( Credit Image:https://www.makemytrip.com/)

Stone Houses: The stone house is the first bungalow housed in Ooty built by John Sullivan, in the 19th century. The place the stone house is situated once used to be of the Toda tribe. The stone has a varied collection of animals and birds, mounted hunting trophies along with regular exhibits of ancient coins, metalware, rock samples, wood carvings, to name a few.  The house exhibits the artifacts of a tribal group who used to live here. Here, you will get to see a manuscript that is carved on bamboo strips.

You really want to feel the fetching beauty of nature then you must Visit Ooty which is the “Queen of the Hill” Shrouded by towering Mountains with dense greenery and amazing sight to behold. Visiting Ooty in summer days with Friends will rejuvenate your soul and mind, watching birds singing perched on trees would calm your mind. ridesonrent will make your plan more intriguing by providing a perfect bike for the trip.

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