Coronavirus Outbreak

These days the whole country is under the havoc of pandemic coronavirus outbreak which causing a lot of trouble to people. Yesterday the whole India witness the “Janta Curfew”, and the support of the people towards this government decision was applauding. But, this is not enough to get rid of this pandemic virus. we all have to support the government until the effect of the virus gets minimized. Indian Government doing their level best to prevent the virus but, It’s our responsibility also to keep us and our family and the entire community safe. We can’t afford a mistake what Italy has done. Most of the people are still unaware of the gravity of the consequences. If this virus manages to reach the fourth stage the impact of the virus will be dire and unmanageable. At right now, according to ICMR India is on the second stage and if we still don’t understand the gravity of the situation and act upon it, then we all will be dealing with the dreadful consequences. ICMR is also stated that these will be two weak is very crucial for India to curb the virus. So, just please stay at home and don’t be a trouble for yourself, for your family members and for the community. Now the time to be a hero and do something for our nation and Yes stay far away from the rumor as These days people will play with your emotions nothing else. So, just believe in government and yourself and God.

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