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Mizoram is bestowed by the surreal beauty of nature, culture, and traditions. It is one of the seven sisters states in India sharing a boundary with Myanmar and Bangladesh. It offers a moderate climate with a fresh green mountainous view, tranquil environment, and irresistible charm. The state consists entirely of Scheduled Tribes which are known as “Mizos”. The best time to visit Mizoram is from November to March. 



MIZORAM STATE MUSEUM (Credit Image: https://mizoculture.mizoram.gov.in/ )

The museum in the center of Aizawl City, displaying interesting artifacts, antiquities, and natural history. This museum is basically dedicated to the local tribes (Mizos) living here. This would be the best to visit if you want to gain historical information about the state.

KHWANGLUNG WILDLIFE SANCTUARY (Credit Image: https://www.hellotravel.com/ )

Khwanglung Wildlife Sanctuary would be the best place for travelers who want to explore the beautiful nature of the state. It is located170 kilometers away from Aizawl City. The sanctuary is famous for its rich flora and fauna and biodiversity. Visitors would find unique animals like Himalayan Serow, Sambhar, Barking Deer, Royal Bengal Tigers, Wild Boar, and many more.


Much like other places even Mizoram is blessed with beautiful and falls.

Vantawng fall is located 137 kilometers away from the capital city. It is the highest of all the waterfalls in Mizoram. It offers thick forest, greenery and it also a good place for trekking. This place is adored by the tourist because of its natural beauty.


SOLOMON TEMPLE (Credit Image: https://in.pinterest.com/ )

This place is situated in Aizawl and is one of the famous tourist destinations. This temple is technically a church built by the religious group called Kohhran Thianghlim and it took the group 2 decades to build this church. The temple is of prestigious whits marbles which were designed by exceptional artists around the world. It is indeed one of the best places to visit.


RIH DIL(Credit Image: https://thenortheasttravelblog.com/ )

Rih Dil is the largest lake in Mizoram. The most fascinating thing about this lake is that it is in a beautiful heart shape at the border of Mizoram and Myanmar. You can visit this lake only after taking special permission from the Deputy Commissioner’s Office. Rih Dil is very popular in Mizo folklore and it is known as the tunnel to heaven. The lake is also known to have the existence of a Dragon and can only be seen by whom the dragon chooses.

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