Madikeri is a hill station located in the Kodagu district in the state of Karnataka. Madikeri was previously known as Muddu Raja Keri, which was named after the king Mudduraja who ruled Kodagu from 1633 to 1687. In the year 1864, during the British raj, it was named as Mercara. Later on, it was renamed as Madikeri by the Government of Mysore. This place is filled with the rich coffee plantation, lush forests, and a jaw-dropping picturesque view. If you are among the person who wants to escape from the hustle and bustle of daily life, this place must be on the top of your bucket list.



RAJA’S SEAT (Credit Image: )

The locals here say that this place was for the local Rajas for relaxing. The breathtaking sunset from this seat is mesmerizing. The sunrise is equally splendid. There is a delightful garden with a beautiful panoramic view of the valley, also there’s a beautiful fountain that has been reconstructed into a musical fountain.


ABBY FALLA (Credit Image: )

Located around 8-19 kilometers away from Madikeri and is one of the best tourist attractions. The water cascades coming down from the Kaveri river provides a spectacular view. The waterfall is nestled between the rich coffee plantation. There is a bridge opposite the waterfall where you can see the beauty of white foam and the lush greenery. People standing on the bright might experience some amount of water spray from the flow of the falls.


MADIKERI FORT (Credit Image: )

 Madikeri fort is one of the popular tourist attraction, situated in the center of Madikeri town. This fort was built by Mudduraja in the 17th century. The king even built a palace in the canter of the fort which was rebuilt in granite by Tipu Sultan. The fort provides a beautiful panoramic view from the top due to its elevated structure.


TALACAUVERY (Credit Image: )

Talacauvery is a source of the Kaveri river and the holy place for Hindus, located 42 kilometers away from Madikeri in Brahmagiri hill. There is a square tank called Kundike in Talacauvery which is the birthplace of the Cauvery river. It is believed that the river emerges as spring fills the tank and disappears underground to re-emerge as Kaveri. This place has a temple dedicated to the goddess Kaveriamma located next to the Kundike.



Omkareshwar temple is a temple dedicated to lord shiva. It is located in Madikeri town. The unique factor about this place is that it is built in Islamic style. It also has a water tank inside the temple which attracts most of the tourist visitors.

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